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SEO log analyzer for bots monitoring. Improve your crawlability and revenues. Control how Google behaves on every part of your website.
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About Us

Seo is the key to digital marketing.

Since 2007, We serve as a digital seo agency, from now on we open the products we have developed for you. Log analysis is an important weapon of seo and takes you to the top when used properly.

Everything about log analysis you'll need HERE

We make all data visible and prepare all information about log analysis you need,


Real Time Reporting
Monitor what you want, when and how often you want it. Because you need to monitor KPI’s in live : migrations, redirections, status codes…
Segment & Compare
Create as many subsets as you want from your log data. Compare time periods and analyse how changes
Easy Install
Because SEO people are not dev-ops. Tool’s install is simple and fast !
Identify Crawled URLs
Which of your URLs are being crawled, and which are not? Identify what search engine crawlers focus on.
Find Error Pages
Thanks to error codes, you'll identify and fix broken links and error pages faster than ever.
Because we know how important it is: all your data is secure and private.

How it works ?

Regardless of whether your website is hosted by a web server (Apache, Nginx) or traffic distribution is via a load balancer – our servers will parse your log files in no time. We analyse your data in several steps and can extract a wealth of information from very short log entries. This provides a fast tool for holistic log file analysis.

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